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The Family Fletcher


The Family Fletcher

The Family Fletcher

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by Dana Alison Levy - Children's

Meet the Fletchers. Their year will be filled with new schools, old friends, a grouchy neighbor, hungry skunks, leaking ice rinks, school plays, wet cats, and scary tales told in the dark!

by Dana Alison Levy - Children's 9-12, Family Life, Fiction, Humor

The Fletchers are back on Rock Island, home of all their best summer memories. But from their first day on vacation, it’s clear that this year, things have changed. Their favorite lighthouse is all boarded up‘ and the Fletcher boys can’t figure out why or how to save it. Add a dose of Shakespeare, a very tippy kayak, a video camera, (maybe, possibly, or not) a swimming cat and some new neighbors, and the recipe for a crazy vacation is complete.