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The Icebreaker Trilogy


The Icebreaker Trilogy

The Icebreaker Trilogy is an adventure set on the high seas. Petrel is an outcast on an icebreaker, the Oyster, surviving in the ship's darkest corners until one day, a boy is found half-alive on an iceberg. Petrel saves him but the Oyster holds a secret. A secret the boy has been sent to destroy.

The Icebreaker Trilogy

Books in this series

by Lian Tanner - Youth Fiction

Petrel is an outcast on the ancient ship, an icebreaker, that has been following the same course for 300 years. But Petrel is a survivor. She lives in the ship's darkest corners, and trusts no one except two large gray rats --- that is, until a mysterious boy is discovered barely alive on an iceberg, and brought onto the ship. He claims to have forgotten even his name. The tribes don't trust strangers, so Petrel hides the boy, hoping he will be her friend. What she doesn't know is that the ship guards a secret --- a secret the boy has been sent to destroy.

by Lian Tanner - Adventure, Children's 9-12, Fantasy
Sharkey is a Sunker; he was born on a fortunate tide, and everyone knows it. He's a hero, a future admiral, beloved by the ancestors. The trouble is, his life is based on a lie, and it's about to fall apart. Sharkey's been a fake hero for years, but when the Sunkers are attacked, he must become a real one. Meanwhile above water, Petrel, Fin and the crew of the 'Oyster' have come ashore to defeat the Devouts. Now, both crews must work together to fight for their lives.
by Lian Tanner - Adventure, Children's 9-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Friendship

With her Fletcher papa and twin brother, Nat, she travels West Norn, bringing joy to its downtrodden people through song and story. Proud and defiant, Fetchers have always been hunted by the Devouts for preserving the old ways. So when devious Brother Poosk captures Papa, Gwin must rescue him --- whatever the cost. Meanwhile, the Oyster's crew and the Sunkers lay siege to the Citadel. But without their Sleeping Captain, can they ever win against the ruthless Devouts? Can Petrel, Fin, Sharkey and Rain ever bring light back to such a dark world?