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The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place


The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place

Fans of Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events and Trenton Lee Stewart's Mysterious Benedict Society, will love the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place ---  the acclaimed and hilarious Victorian mystery series by Maryrose Wood

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place

Books in this series

by Maryrose Wood - Children's, Fiction, Mystery

While Ashton Place is being restored, Penelope, the Ashtons, and the children take up residence in London. Penelope is thrilled, as the city offers so many opportunities to further the education of her unique students. As the children explore their new home, they discover more about themselves as clues about the children's --- and Penelope's --- mysterious past crop up in the most unexpected ways.

Written by Maryrose Wood with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler - Youth Fiction

When Miss Penelope Lumley is asked by the Swanburne Academy board of trustees to demonstrate the academic progress of her three wolfish students so the board can judge the true worth of a Swanburne education, the future of her alma mater—and of her job as governess to the Incorrigibles—hangs in the balance.

written by Maryrose Wood with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler - Animals , Children's 8-12, Mystery

Lord Fredrick Ashton may not feel ready to be a father, but with a little Ashton on the way, he's sure about one thing: the wolfish curse on his family must end soon, before the child is born. Penelope willingly takes on the challenge; when Lady Constance's doctor prescribes a seaside holiday, Penelope jumps at the chance to take the three Incorrigible children to Brighton, where she hopes to persuade the old sailor Pudge to reveal what he knows about the Ashton curse.

written by Maryrose Wood with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler - Animals , Children's, Children's 8-12, Humor, Mystery

Unhappy Penelope Lumley is trapped in unhappy Plinkst! Even the beets for which Plinkst is inexplicably famous fail to grow in this utterly miserable Russian village. Penelope anxiously counts the days and wonders how she will ever get back to England in time to save all the Ashtons. Her daring scheme to escape sends her on a wildly unexpected journey. But time is running out, and the not-really-dead Edward Ashton is still on the loose. His mad obsession with the wolfish curse on the Ashtons puts Penelope and the Incorrigibles in dire peril.