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The Penderwicks


The Penderwicks

With over one million copies sold, this irresistible series of modern classics tells the story of the Penderwicks, a family that believes in truth and honor, yet can’t seem to stay out of trouble. From National Book Award winner and New York Times bestselling author Jeanne Birdsall, The Penderwicks books are perfect for fans of Noel Streatfeild and Edward Eager.


The Penderwicks

Books in this series

by Jeanne Birdsall - Family Life

The Penderwick Girls are off to Maine with Aunt Claire, but Skye the oldest is let with directions from one of the others that leave her confused. It’s always a rollicking ride as the Penderwicks continue on their unforgettable adventures.

by Jeanne Birdsall - Family, Fiction

Springtime is finally arriving on Gardam Street, and there are surprises in store for each member of the family. Some surprises are just wonderful, like neighbor Nick Geiger coming home from war. And some are ridiculous, like Batty’s new dog-walking business. Batty is saving up her dog-walking money for an extra-special surprise for her family, which she plans to present on her upcoming birthday. But when some unwelcome surprises make themselves known, the best-laid plans fall apart.