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The Triple Threat


The Triple Threat

Alex Myers may be the new kid in town, but he’s ready to take the sports scene by storm. In the face of conflict, controversy and rocky friendships, Alex and his teammates must come together to win, on the playing field and off. This is a gripping sports series that speaks to a number of issues in the athletic world today. 

The Triple Threat

Books in this series

by John Feinstein - Sports

Alex Myers is a triple-threat athlete --- great at football, basketball, and baseball. But he’ll have to fight for a spot on the varsity team. 

Alex is a quarterback, but from the first day of football practice, it’s clear that that position is very much filled by the coach’s son, Matt. 

by John Feinstein - Fiction, Sexuality, Sports, Young Adult 10+

When Max comes out as gay, not everyone on the basketball court takes the news in stride. Snide comments and cold shoulders escalate into heated protests and an out-and-out war with the school board. While controversy swirls around them, the Lions have to decide: Will personal issues sink their season, or can they find a way to stand together as a team?