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The Unicorn Rescue Society


The Unicorn Rescue Society

Written by Adam Gidwitz with illustrations by Hatem Aly

The Unicorn Rescue Society

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Written by Adam Gidwitz with illustrations by Hatem Aly - Children's 8-12, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Friendship, Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction

Elliot Eisner isn't exactly excited about starting at a brand-new school in a brand-new town; he'd much rather stay at home and read a book. But things take an unexpected turn when he finds out his weird new teacher, Professor Fauna, has planned a field trip for Elliot's very first day. Along with a new friend--brave, outspoken Uchenna Devereaux --- Elliot gets caught up in a secret group of adventurers, The Unicorn Rescue Society, whose goal is to protect and defend the world's mythical creatures. Together with Professor Fauna, Elliot and Uchenna must help rescue a Jersey Devil from a duo of conniving, greedy billionaires, the Schmoke Brothers. 

written by Adam Gidwitz and Jesse Casey with illustrations by Hatem Aly - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fairy Tale, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mythology

Across the vast ocean, in the mountains of the Basque Country, a fearsome creature has gone missing. And the Unicorn Rescue Society are the only ones who can save it. Elliot and Uchenna have barely recovered from their first adventure with Professor Fauna when he approaches them with an all-new quest. Except this time they're going to have to cross an ocean. In the mountains of the Basque Country, the Unicorn Rescue Society must track down a missing dragon. But how could someone even kidnap a dragon? For what evil purpose? Is their newest rescue more than they can handle?