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Thrones and Bones


Thrones and Bones

The critically acclaimed fantasy-adventure Thrones and Bones trilogy by Lou Anders seamlessly draws on Norse mythology to create a richly developed world filled with danger, intrigue and nonstop action. Building on themes of teamwork and learning how to stay true to yourself, this trilogy is perfect for fans of Rick Riordan and Brandon Mull.

Thrones and Bones

Books in this series

by Lou Anders - Fantasy, Youth Fiction

When family intrigues force Karn and Thianna to flee into the wilderness, they have to keep their sense of humor and their wits about them. But survival can be challenging when you’re being chased by a 1,500-year-old dragon, Helltoppr the undead warrior and his undead minions, an evil uncle, wyverns, and an assortment of trolls and giants.

by Lou Anders - Adventure, Children's, Fantasy, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Karn Korlundsson is a gamer. Not a riddle solver. But in order to rescue his best friend, Thianna Frostborn, he will need to travel to the city of Castlebriar, learn how to play a board game called Charioteers, decipher the Riddle of the Horn, and tangle with elves. Meanwhile, Desstra is in training to join the elite agents of the dark elves. When she crosses paths with Karn, she is not all that she appears to be. The lengths to which Karn will go in the name of friendship will be sorely tested. Who knew that solving a riddle could be so deadly?