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TOON Graphics Mythology


TOON Graphics Mythology

illustrated by Yvan Pommaux and translated by Richard Kutner

These gorgeous books retell some of the most popular Greek myths in a way newly relatable to young readers. They each include epic illustrations and captivating, carefully researched text,

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TOON Graphics Mythology

Books in this series

illustrated by Yvan Pommaux and translated by Richard Kutner - Classics, Comic Books, Graphic Novel, Mythology
Son of a muse, the young musician Orpheus has everything: talent, beauty, courage, love. Then, in a moment, everything is lost. His bride Eurydice is killed in a terrible accident on their wedding night. Armed only with his lyre, Orpheus enters the desolate Underworld, where no mortal has ever gone before. He's determined to achieve the impossible --- bring his wife back to life, restore their happiness, and ensure he's never in danger of losing her again.
by Yvan Pommaux - Fiction, Mythology

In the unique TOON Graphics line of visually compelling stories, this is a mythology comic done right! Master French cartoonist Yvan Pommaux introduces a wealth of historically accurate details that immerse readers in the context and culture of ancient Greece. The story is supplemented with character cards, maps, mazes, and an index of cited names that will keep readers coming back for more! The literary quality of this book will appeal to readers young and old, making it an excellent addition to every classroom and library.