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You Choose Stories: Batman


You Choose Stories: Batman

Written by John Sazaklis and Illustrated by Ethen Beavers

A series of You Choose Stories featuring BATMAN, the CAPED CRUSADER! These adventures feature action-packed stories and comic-style illustrations that allow the readers to choose their own path. In each book, with the help of the reader, BATMAN solves crimes and takes down his worst super-villains in a truly dynamic reading experience.

You Choose Stories: Batman

Books in this series

Written by John Sazaklis and Illustrated by Ethen Beavers - Adventure, Comic Books, Crime, Fiction, Science Fiction, Superhero

Ra's Al Ghul plans to unleash an undead army and cleanse humanity from the earth! Can Batman follow the clues to track down the super-villain in time to stop his evil plans? Will the Dark Knight be outnumbered, or will he be able to even the odds? Can he use his high-tech gadgets or will he need to rely on his wits to stop Ra's and save the world?

Written by John Sazaklis with Illustrations by Ethen Beavers - Adventure, Science Fiction, Superhero , Youth Fiction

Clayface has returned to Gotham City, and he's looking for revenge! Can the Caped Crusader tell the difference between the imposter and his real friends and enemies? Can Batman and Robin stop Clayface or will they need some help from their friends? Will the Dynamic Duo be able to defeat the shape-shifting villain or will Clayface finally get his revenge?