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Surf's Up, Geronimo!, Book 20

About the Book

Surf's Up, Geronimo!, Book 20

Against his better judgment, Geronimo heads off on a vacation to San Shabby Fur Island arranged by his crazy cousin Trap and Trap's weird travel agent pal. His trip starts off on the wrong paw as he catches his Last Gasp Airways flight, which is dirty and worn. From there, Geronimo's vacation goes downhill, fast.

Geronimo is hoping for snoozes on the beach, but what he wants and what he gets are two entirely different things. His hotel is downright creepy, complete with fleas and cockroaches --- and minus a bathtub. The beach is over an hour's long hot walk away. Geronimo's dreams of relaxing fade when he's forced to do activities that are not exactly his cup of cheese: bungee jumping, scuba diving, rock climbing, and more.

Can there be any kind of happy ending to this sad vacation tail (I mean "tale")?

Surf's Up, Geronimo!, Book 20
(Geronimo Stilton / Thea Stilton #20)
by Geronimo Stilton

  • Publication Date: June 1, 2005
  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
  • ISBN-10: 0439691435
  • ISBN-13: 9780439691437