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The Girls Get Even


The Girls Get Even

Caroline gave the performance of a lifetime in the first book when she tumbled into the river looking as dead as dead can be. She didn't twitch a finger. Not even a toe. The boys sure believed she was dead and she loved it, because she knows she will be a famous actress when she grows up. That's why she's excited when she learns that the fourth grade is giving a play. She gets the part of the Goblin Queen.

Even better than getting the lead part, though, is that Wally has to play the part of her footman. How can life get any better? Wally, of course, isn't happy. He's already mad because Caroline is so precocious. She's only eight years old, and as far as he's concerned, she should not be in fourth grade with him at all. But she was smart enough to skip a grade, so now he has to put up with her in his class. Worse than that, she sits right behind him and pokes him in the back with her ruler when he tries to ignore her. And she whispers things just to watch his ears turn red. It's more than a boy who just wants to mind his own business should have to put up with.

But it's only one more part of the feud Jake started with the girls. And it never stops, even though things get so bad that the boys wish it would. After the girls give the boys the worst Halloween they've ever had, even Jake decides that they'll just leave the girls alone from now on. If they can. Or do the girls have other plans?

Reviewed by Tamara Penny on January 8, 2002

The Girls Get Even
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

  • Publication Date: January 8, 2002
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Yearling
  • ISBN-10: 0440418429
  • ISBN-13: 9780440418429