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The Megasaurus


The Megasaurus

written by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck, illustrated by Len DiSalvo

Lima Bear Press's mission is to publish children's stories that are engaging, imaginative and humorous while carrying important life messages such as tolerance, honesty and courage. They have succeeded in doing just that with THE MEGASAURUS, the first book in a series by Thomas Weck, Peter Weck and Len DiSalvo, which is perfect for kids ages 4-8.

The bean-shaped bears of Beandom are being terrorized by the Megasaurus, a giant monster that loves to eat beans. King Limalot calls his wisest advisers, the three wise owls, to solve the problem. They suggest that he feed the Megasaurus pancakes. All the bakers of the land make stacks of pancakes, which the monster gobbles down...before eating the bakers, too!

The King then calls all the archers of the land to bring bows and arrows, but the arrows that hit the Megasaurus just make him mad. The masons build a big rock wall, but the monster breaks it down, eating the archers and masons.

L. Joe Bean has a plan. The clever little bear convinces the Megasaurus that an even bigger monster is coming. He has the craftsmen make a huge mask for the monster to wear and build a wall of mirrors to lead him to. The Megasaurus is frightened when he sees a monster bigger and scarier than he is. He doesn't know that he's looking at himself! The bakers, archers and masons come tumbling out of his mouth. He flees the kingdom of Beandom, never to come back again.

Adults should read THE MEGASAURUS with the kids in their lives, who then can talk about their fear (or love) of monsters. The story is entertaining for the listener as well for those who can read aloud. As a bonus, the ideas included in the "Extend the Learning and Activities" pages at the end of the book suggest many ways parents and teachers can enhance the fun and learning experience of the story.

Reviewed by Elinor Nuxoll on May 1, 2011

The Megasaurus
written by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck, illustrated by Len DiSalvo

  • Publication Date: May 1, 2011
  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Lima Bear Press
  • ISBN-10: 1933872128
  • ISBN-13: 9781933872124