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The Mesmer Menace: Gadgets and Gears


The Mesmer Menace: Gadgets and Gears


Hi, my name is Noodles, I am a Daschund dog and I'm going to tell you about my family, the Kennewicketts.  My master's name is Wally and he's twelve in people years.  His mom, Calypso, and dad, Oliver, own the "Automatic Inn" in the town of Gasket Gully.  Our Inn is full of technology, automation and ingenious people.  We are a very scientific family, always performing experiments and creating inventions.  We also come up with the most amazing gadgets and gizmos. Speaking of which, our Gizmo is our electric housekeeper, governess, cook and scientific assistant who always comes to our aid.  Our electrical Inn has had astonishing and marvelous guests who themselves have been great scientists.

action packed, fast-paced, and intriguing

So when a secretly disguised President Teddy Roosevelt visits our Inn and discusses an incredible dilemma with Wally and his parents about an evil "Mesmer" who could possibly cause great destruction and control people’s minds, my family comes into action, knowing their invaluable help is needed.  The main question ---will the Mesmer gain control and power over the Kennewicketts and their guests?  Who is the Mesmer?  Is he after the President?  Is the Mesmer one of the guests at the Inn?

While accommodating and conducting a convention of popcorn popper inventors, a mysterious box with unusual contents is delivered to the Inn.   What does this mean? And will Wally and I, who have been left in charge of the Inn, come to know who the Mesmer is and save the day?

I really liked this story as told by the dog, Noodles.  What a different perspective! The characters were fascinating and interesting. Also, the book provided the meaning and definitions of words that children might not already know. The story was action packed, fast-paced, and intriguing.  The technology and scientific aspect of the story was also appealing.

Reviewed by Cyndie Stetson on December 12, 2013

The Mesmer Menace: Gadgets and Gears
(Gadgets and Gears #1)
by Kersten Hamilton and James Hamilton