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The Secret of Zoone (Zoone, Book 1)

About the Book

The Secret of Zoone (Zoone, Book 1)

Welcome to Zoone: crossroads of the multiverse. In this inventive fantasy, fans of Diana Wynne Jones and Lisa McMann will step through an enchanted doorway and into a world filled with infinite portals to new --- and sometimes perilous --- lands. 

When a bright blue winged tiger appears on his aunt’s sofa, Ozzie can tell he’s in for an adventure. He’s thrilled to follow Tug --- a skyger --- through a secret door in the basement and into Zoone, the bustling Grand Central Station of the universe, where a thousand doors act as portals to strange and wonderful worlds.

But some doors also hide dangers --- and when the portal back to Earth explodes behind him, Ozzie gets more adventure than he bargained for. In a station full of wizards, creepy-crawlies and the occasional cursed princess, Ozzie has to find a way to repair his door...and possibly save the multiverse in the process.

Brimming with colorful characters, magical mayhem and endless adventure, this new tween series has a doorway for every reader --- just be sure to close the door behind you!

The Secret of Zoone (Zoone, Book 1)
by Lee Edward Fodi