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October 2012

October's roundup of Cool & New Books includes Rachel Renée Russell's Dork Diaries 5: TALES FROM A NOT-SO-SMART MISS KNOW-IT-ALL, where Nikki finds herself in charge of the advice column for her school  newspaper; THE CUP AND THE CROWN, Diane Stanley's return to the intriguing world of The Silver Bowl to tell Molly's latest adventure; Rick

October 2013

October's roundup of New in Paperback includes THE VENGEKEEP PROPHECIES by Brian Farrey, in which Jaxter Grimjinx is supposed to be a born thief but is a disgrace to the family name --- but then a suspiciously convenient prophecy emerges naming the Grimjinx clan as the soon-to-be heroes of Vengekeep; Peter Lerangis' THE COLOSSUS RISES: Seven Wonders, Book One, in which J