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The Worst Witch at School

About the Book

The Worst Witch at School

Featuring the famously disaster-prone Mildred in THE WORST WITCH and THE WORST WITCH STRIKES AGAIN.

In THE WORST WITCH, Mildred Hubble is starting her first year at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches ----- and making a mess of it! She can’t ride her broomstick without crashing, she’s always getting her spells mixed up and worst of all, the teacher’s pet, Ethel, has just become her sworn enemy.

In THE WORST WITCH STIKES AGAIN, Mildred is back in trouble thanks to the new girl, Enid Nightshade, who isn’t as well behaved as she appears. The more Mildred tries to stay out of trouble, the more she finds herself in horrible situations. What can the disaster-prone worst witch do?

"Pleasant, undemanding stories for young witch fanciers...Humorous, gently eerie drawings on almost every page add to the fun." --- SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

The Worst Witch at School
(Worst Witch #2)
by Jill Murphy