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Ages 7-10

Babymouse is a young, sassy mouse who seeks to add a few things to her boring daily routine --- glamour, adventure, excitement and the chance to be queen of the world. Her graphic novel adventures find her in a variety of scenarios, including the beach, a rock concert and summer camp.

Backyard Witch written by Christine Heppermann and Ron Koertge with illustrations by Deborah Marcero
Ages 8-12

A must-have for newly independent readers and fans of IVY & BEAN and CLEMENTINE! A new series starring three young girls and a mysterious visitor who appears exactly when you need her --- with just the right amount of magic --- begins.

Ages 2-6
Bad Kitty is bad. Very bad. But she doesn't always mean to be. Whether she is trying to be a good little kitty and eat her vegetables or be a quiet little kitty and behave at a birthday party, it seems that trouble finds a way to her. Children will fall in love with Bad Kitty --- and be roaring with laughter at all of her antics. 
Ages 7-10

Bad Kitty does not like a lot of things in this delightful children's series.

Ages 8-12

THE FIRES OF CALDERON is Book One in Lindsay Cummings’s epic Balance Keepers series. These exciting fantasy-adventure books are full of magic, mystery, friendship and humor, and are perfect for fans of books like Brandon Mull’s THE CANDY SHOP WAR or the Unwanteds series by Lisa McMann.

Children and Ages 8-12

When the school paper calls him “Grant Middle’s best hope for its first-ever city-wide championship,” Josh feels like he’s starting to get noticed --- in good and bad ways. Seeing Josh’s talent, his father drags him out of the school baseball tryouts and gets him in the running for the Titans, the local youth championship team coached by Rocky Valentine.

Ages 8-12
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is one of the quintessential questions kids are asked (and ask of themselves). Often the answer is “I don’t know,” or the answer changes every time the question is asked. The Be What You Want series helps kids explore a variety of possible pursuits and passions that can be an interesting pastime or even turn into a career. Through the series, kids will discover who the leaders and up-and-comers are in the field, what it takes to be in that field, where to go to find further resources and information and how to get started right now. 
Ages 8-12

Kids ages 8-12 become one of the Duck Commander characters in each zany adventure and they’ll see firsthand the value of making good choices.  Readers are given an option at the end of each section, and their decisions will impact the way their adventures unfold.  A special note from John Luke at the end of each book highlights its lesson.

Ages 3-7

This series follows the life of a family of grizzly bears who are always working through a new dilemma, whether it’s being scared of the dark, having to clean a messy room or learning to get along with others.

Children and Ages 8-12

Nate knows he’s meant for big things. REALLY big things. But things don’t always go your way just because you’re awesome. Trouble always seems to find him, but Nate keeps his cool. He knows he’s destined for greatness. A fortune cookie told him so.

Ages 8-12

Everyone is talking about Billy Sure, genius inventor and business entrepreneur, and the inventions that made him a millionaire, like the All Ball, the Cat-Dog Translator, and the Candy Toothbrush. Billy might be the most famous boy in the world, but he still has to go to school, eat his dad's terrible cooking, and deal with his annoying older sister.

Ages 6-9
Meet Bink and Gollie, two precocious little girls --- one tiny, one tall, and both utterly irrepressible. 
Setting out from their super-deluxe tree house and powered by plenty of peanut butter (for Bink) and pancakes (for Gollie), they share three comical adventures.

Join the quirky, close-knit Blossom family members on their outlandish blunders and adventures.

Ages 7-10

The Boxcar Children --- those same lovable orphans that have entertained generations of young readers --- are still discovering new adventures after 60 years! Check out the 90 plus mystery reviews in our feature, accompanied by a word scramble, a challenging maze, and information on how THE BOXCAR CHILDREN MYSTERIES first began.

Ages 8-12

Up until Bridget’s birthday the most exciting moment in her life was when Dale Tookey maybe, sort of, smiled at her one time. But that was before --- before she found a mysterious present at her doorstep, before she was transported to a covert CIA agency called Section 23, and before she became Bridget Wilder: Spy-in-Training. Now Bridget’s busting boys out of detention, being chauffeured by a talking car, and infiltrating the popular girls’ clique to steal secret codes, all while undercover as a semi-awkward middle school girl.

In this companion series to the global phenomenon Ranger’s Apprentice, Hal and his crew of fellow Skandian outcasts embark on seafaring adventures and epic battles sure to thrill readers. Perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.